Science – what we are learning

Sycamore – Learners from the Sycamore primary class are doing a topic on living and non-living things and classification this term. They will learn how to distinguish between these groups and what makes something ‘living’. Using practical skills that they learned last term, they will carry out various experiments and practical work to investigate the characteristics of living things.

S1 – This term, transition classes will be learning about states of matter. We will start with solids liquids and gases and learn about examples of these in nature. Learners will carry out lots of practical work and will be able to practice the basic science skills they learned last term.

S2 – Our current S2 classes are learning about cells and microorganisms this term. We will look at how to use a microscope and how this can help us find out about the structures in different cells. Learners will be able to look at different types of plant and animal cells under the microscope and carry out various activities to learn about cell structure and function. We will also look at ‘good’ and ‘bad’ microorganisms and carry out experiments to show what ‘good’ microorganisms can do.

S3 – Following on from the ‘Heat and Energy’ topic last term, S3 will go onto ‘Forces, movement and energy loss’. Learners will use knowledge and skills from the previous topic to learn how to minimise energy loss in movement by carrying out various practical activities.

Senior Science – Some learners are working through the National 4 Biology course which covers ‘Cell Biology’, ‘Multicellular Organisms’ and ‘Life on Earth’. Other learners are working through National 2 level Environmental Biology.

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