English and Media Studies

The English department is dedicated to ensuring that all learners have the opportunity to learn, build on prior success, and achieve their potential through language.

To this end the Kaimes School English department ensure that learning through the mediums of reading, writing, talking and listening is active, challenging and enjoyable; involves the opportunity to develop individual interests and decision making; builds individual confidence to enable a valued contribution to society; progresses towards the highest levels of achievement.

Within the broader school, literacy across all subjects is a central part of the Kaimes School strategy and the school is committed to improving standards in literacy in all areas of the curriculum.

Our Departmental Aims

  • To provide learning opportunities for all
  • To develop a student’s capacity for learning and potential to achieve
  • To convey knowledge which is important and to promote the development of values, understanding and capabilities
  • To make learning active, challenging and enjoyable
  • To encourage high levels of accomplishment
  • To give opportunities for students to make appropriate choices to meet their individual interests and needs, while ensuring that these choices lead to successful outcomes
  • To ensure that assessment supports learning
  • To give young people the confidence, attributes and capabilities to make valuable contributions to society

To enable all young people to flourish as individuals, reach high levels of achievement, and make valuable contributions to society2014-09-09 14.16.04 Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 19.27.52

Media & English

National 2 English and Communication

The National 2 English and Communication course builds on the experiences and outcomes of the literacy and English curriculum area and enables learners to develop the ability to understand and use language.

Learners understand language through reading, or listening to and watching, a wide range of texts. The texts which learners read, or listen to and watch, will include media and multimodal texts. The course will develop learners’ ability to read, understand and respond to these texts in a variety of ways to show their understanding.

Learners use language to communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings for different purposes and for different audiences by creating a variety of texts, including media and multimodal texts.

Learners will also develop interpersonal and social skills through interacting with others and will build their confidence through communicating in group and individual situations.

English  – activities for term 3 January to June

2m The 2 periods will be sharing personal news, current affairs and reading the play The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tyler

3D The 2 periods will be spent sharing personal news, researching current affairs and unsung stories presentation preparations.

Mrs Werninck  English

2M   Text – The Savage by David Almond

Reading for

  • Pleasure
  • Understanding
  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Graphic Novel

Text includes opportunities to explore and discuss topics including

  • Bullying
  • Grief
  • Friendship

3M  Text – The Riddle of the Frozen Phantom by Margaret Mahy.

Reading for

  • Pleasure
  • Understanding,
  • Evaluation

Tools for Writing  

Revising: Parts of speech, punctuation and grammar

Introducing: Personification, Onomatopoeia and Alliteration.

The class also has an opportunity to extend personal reading skills

Reading for information

At the end of the book there will be an opportunity for a small research project involving explorers Shackleton, Amundsen and Scott and varieties of penguins all mentioned in the novel. (PowerPoint presentation)

4W    4W are working towards a SQA National 4 Level course in English

Text   Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Assessment areas include

  • Listening and reading
  • Talking and Writing
  • Literacy
  • Value Added Unit (Demonstration of language skills in the context of literature, language or media by investigating a chosen topic.


Consolidation and extension of basic literacy skill using practical experiences related to Health & Wellbeing and Numeracy including –

  • Role play
  • Counting and working with money in the Tuck Shop
  • Sequencing
  • Personal reading
  • Creative and imaginative responses to a variety of stimuli including

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis

5T  5T are working towards completing one unit in English at Nat Level 5

Currently researching responses to text Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

4th and 5th Year Alternative Ed. Group (1 period )

This group are working towards completing paperwork on two planned enterprise activities

The Macmillan Coffee Morning

The Table Sale

This will give them a pass at SCQF Level 4: Practical Abilities Unit


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