Drama at Kaimes uses approaches targeted at the social and communication needs of each learner. Drama is arguably the most sociable communicative and collaborative art form where a variety of approaches are used for learning. Acting and role play will help some learners, others will benefit from learning how to ‘be’ an audience and listen deeply to others, or to direct and create short class performances. Learners experience a rich variety of drama, speech and movement activities, often using literary text extracts, or news stories , as well as global and national  myth sand fables. Wherever possible the young peoples own interests and ideas are included. The health benefits of having fun and being sociable are well documented!

Units from SQA Drama are often available.

Mrs McKale

DRAMA – current topics

1st year Drama this term involves role play, movement or voice work, and engaging with each other to produce real or imaginary drama scenes. Behind all this fun there is the important social learning going on which leads to enhanced opportunities for each learner to become more confident, more socially aware, and more skilled at group work. There is no pressure applied, only encouragement , and of course fun!

Topics will be negotiated with the classes and will include ‘ESCAPE’   ‘SPIES/JAMES BOND’  ‘ SPACE/MOON TRAVEL’   ‘NESSIE/MONSTERS’.

2nd year RME/DRAMA  is integrated to include some role play opportunities around investigating the lives of Jesus, Mother Theresa and John Muir the ecologist. To provide proper balance and perpective……other world faiths will be explored in May and June as will secular approaches to living a good and helpful life. All points of view will be respectfully accommodated, and encouraged in an atmosphere of deep listening and finding out what matters to live the good life. To find out what matters to people. To enjoy some great stories.

3rd year RME/DRAMA is integrated and the topic is all about Ethics, and approaches to PETS and ANIMALS. We ask why are creatures important and valuable . What responsibilities do ALL humans have regarding wildlife, sea creatures, farm animals zoo animals and pets etc. We will enjoy reading stories from the Bible Torah and Koran as well as some Buddhist stories about animals. We shall learn about the SSPCA and the good work of other animal charities and what inspires people to care for creatures.Expressive arts approaches will be used also.

4th year


Looking at THE BIG QUESTIONS  in life is exciting….human beings whether religious or non -religious all want to think about where do we come from, why are we here, how do we promote a just society and how do we become more compassionate human beings? The first thing we do is learn more about emotions and feelings, how to handle these aspects, how to use them wisely, how to have ‘my say’ and at the same time listen respectfully to others.To value differences. To find ways to help society, by selecting a charity event to support and develop. [ Last year we helped Marys Meals and the Cat and Dog Home and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

5th years are busy training in Emergency First Aid an SQA unit at level 5. This is an invaluable life skill, and for anyone interested can lead to further training as a First Aider who can use these skills at work, as a volunteer in the Red Cross or St Andrews Ambulance Society, or can even provide a first step in a care/health career. The learners have an excellent set of models and equipment to enable them to learn cardiac massage, cpr, resuscitation methods, and how to deal with burns falls fractures bleeding choking head injuries and nose bleeds ….and more! There is an ethical/RME  dimension to this first aid work aS learners will discover how the Red Cross operates in a neutral way in many situations across the globe, protecting their values of Humanitarian Action for All Humans in Need.

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