Art Elective 4th and 5th year

This is a new page for the new elective group who have chosen to develop their art skills over the 2014 – 15 session. I have asked Dylan here to write some text about his current work and to show a few images:

Yes, this is our Art elective, and so far I’ve done 2 pictures:

This is a picture of me aka Thor’s face on Josh aka Odin’s body and in the mine craft nether

dylan 'thor' odin copy


This is a picture of Callum and Josh’s lucozade bottle, aka Hugen and Mugen, Odin (Josh)’s crows, possessed.
callum and lucozade bottle 'hugen and mugen'We hope you enjoy our pictures!:)

We’ve been learning how to work with layers, and how to resize

breaking news! the ART ELECTIVE 4/5th year now has its own blog…begun august 2014

and the group has made a film this last term – click here to navigate to it….

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