4th year art (2014 – 15)

As this 4th year were last year’s 3rd year, here is work produced over last academic session

Hot off the press – Dylan’s comic life graphic novel….ug

(NB This will take a while to load but it’s worth waiting for!)


and Rameez’s comic life graphic novel …..ug’s time journey

3W have also been involved in creating artworks from our school electronic waste, and have contributed to the forthcoming (June 2014) exhibition at the Gallery on the Corner in Edinburgh’s Dundas Street. They have not only built some interesting wall collages, but have also worked to manipulate photographs in Photoshop Elements.





3K have been working all term on a study of PUPPETS – and have learned that there are many different kinds – not all for children!

They have each made a hand puppet:





4 thoughts on “4th year art (2014 – 15)

  1. Mrs Miller

    Can’t wait for the next instalment of Ug!!!
    How long did that take you Dillan?

  2. Mrs Miller

    What a hard time Ug had in new Zyotk! I don’t like thugs👎
    I’m glad Ug/ Charles and Sally have a happy ending and I hope they enjoy the Commonwealth Games. 😀

  3. Dylan Stevens

    And btw,
    The “To Be Continued?” is just a MAYBE, Hence why there’s a “?” But I would LOVE to do a sequel, if I get the CHANCE- it’s probably gonna take me 5months AGAIN.
    + infact it technically took me 7months – a couple extra for EDITING.

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