Kaimes has a flourishing art department, both in primary and in secondary. We have a dedicated art room in the primary department, and similar in secondary. There is some wonderful work going on in each room this year.

The art department policy can be read here: ART POLICY – KAIMES SCHOOL

For work from each year group please click on the link below:

1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year, 4th year (2014- 15),  4th/5th year art elective (2014 – 15).

Here is the work planned from April to June, 2015,  subject to change depending on weather

1M making containers for plants/self portrait in cardboard and photographs

1F​ development of visual elements through work of Picasso and Hundertwasser

2M portraiture/cave paintings

2G portraiture.cave paintings

3M – underwater diorama with papier mache and cardboard

3D – development of history of western art from les fauves/matisse to cubism and abstraction

4/5 art elective – video editing and construction of short advert for school

In secondary, several classes are involved in making animation films for the “UNSUNG STORIES, an Animated ceilidh” project. Kaimes has a track record of animation, with several films having won awards at different film festivals for young people. Some examples of past work can be seen here:

The Sea Eagles Story.

Love Me For Who I Am.

We have recently taken part on workshops for the celebration of the centenary of Norman McLaren, Scottish animator, and our films using the Mclaren app on  iPads have just been uploaded to here: Pupils from both primary and secondary were willing participants in the workshops offered by the Centre for the Moving Image – they worked on ideas inspired by some of Mclaren’s films and used the app with great enthusiasm.

trying out McLaren's shapesThe app allows for making marks similar to those made by McLaren by scratching directly onto black film – it would be interesting to give the pupils the opportunity to do this too so that they can compare the technologies.

Some second year pupils also followed up McLaren’s experiments with sound and a visual translation of that sound. We made a visual musical score by listening to orchestral pieces, and then used percussion instruments to play the score back to ourselves. This was a resounding success!

our visual score

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