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The aim of Happy Ears sessions is to consistently create a fun, unique and dynamic interdisciplinary musical learning experience.


On June 27th 2018 “The Great Edinburgh Volcano Escape” a Happy Ears/Kaimes production was nominated at the Edinburgh Film Festival school awards for “Best original idea”. Well done film makers Jack, Josiah and Amber and thanks to Chelsea and Guri.

“Caledonia, Alba, Ecosais” is a song written by Kestrels about their favourite places in the Scotland. Written in connection with a classroom project on Scotland.

During Spring and Summer term 2018 13H recorded the following song to celebrate the places they like to travel for their holidays:


feliz vacaciones




During the January term Kestrels created this song based on their weather project. Oliver made the accompanying video

13H wrote and recorded “The Lighthouse keepers lunch” based on the popular picture book during October, November and December 2017

Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

3M have written and recorded the following song in class on the theme of Strange Creatures. Some are real and some are not so real.












13H recently created the following song to illustrate the values of friendship and kindness they aim to show throughout the school year. At forest school, in the classroom and everywhere else.

In October 2017 Kestrels created a song based on their reading of Roald Dahls classic “Danny the Champion of the World” all the words and music were written and recorded in class.





March 2017 1S looked at the history of travel from walking right up to space travel and documented their learning in the song “The Timeline of Travel”

plane and horse


“Sailing on the seven Seas” in March 2017 with Ospreys class linked in with the primary topic of “Pirates” all words and musical direction by the learners. Ahhaaaar!


Stormbreaker Superspy was created with 3C in December 2016. Our aim in writing and recording the song was to focus on literacy with particular attention to the alphabet.

All words are taken from the plot of the Anthony Horowitz novel “Stormbreaker”stormbreaker

This video was created last year in collaboration with 1S as a part of the Sea Voyages project. The words and music were created in class and then recorded and images were made in Art sessions to illustrate the music.


November 2016 and Ospreys have written and recorded a song based on their reading of Roald Dahls 1961 novel”James and the Giant Peach”. Learners have also created a mural based on the story and watched Henry Sellicks live action/animated film version. Well done Ofer, Danils, Kinga, Billy, Eyed and Chloe.


In October 2016 1S wrote and recorded a song putting in to practice some newly acquired German vocabulary, with notes on pronunciation from Mrs Kaye their German teacher and Claudia the class PSA (who is from Austria). Great work form Peter, Louie, Kieran, Bradley, Alecsander and Ben.



Our first project for the 2016/17 term was a cross curricular exploration of our holidays and our individual travels over the summer. Here is the song written and recorded with Ospreys, Eagles, S1, and 4G



2C wrote and recorded the following song inspired by their reading of Jonathan Swifts classic seafaring tale “Gullivers Travels”


Osprey class created a piece of music inspired by their experience in viking boat building and reading about pirates. Learners wrote the words and inspired the call and response structure.



2C have recently completed a project on “War of the Worlds” by H G Wells and wrote and recorded this song inspired by and including some of the original text. Everyone in the class engaged in the recording and helped to create the rabble rousing chorus and martian death ray sound!



During the Autumn term Mr Duncans 5th year class have been working on writing then recording a song based on quotes from the Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The class studied the original text and went to see the latest film version.


Well done Callum, Dylan, Josh, Lee, Noah and Rameez! Here is your completed song:



“The Time Machine” was written and recorded by 2C to display their knowledge of the book of the same name by H G Wells. We devised the lyrics from our discussions in class around the book, film adaptation and asked ourselves the question:

“If i had a time machine where in time would i travel?”




“Searching for the lost world” Dinosaur Song composed and recorded in class Autumn 2015/16 with 2C. We were all inspired to learn more about dinosaurs through the reading of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles “The Lost World” with Mr Duncan.


I Like Toast:

Here is a video to “I like toast” featuring the vocal talents of 2G, the song was written by Oliver inspired by discussions about breakfast. 2G developed their vocal skills individually and as a choir during the recording process and learnt about portable digital recording technologies, including the practical application of pre and post production audio effects.


The Sycamore relaxation song:

Each learner shared with their colleagues the things that make them feel relaxed and calm. Oliver then created a song based on these words which is now being used during class relaxation sessions.


Shortbread and the Mr men 

The two topics came together in the following song. 2G were looking at foods of Britain and also rivers of Scotland.


The Time Machine

2G studied “The time machine” by H G Wells and wrote and recorded a song inspired by this book. Including the places we might like to travel in time if we could.


Animal sounds around the world:

In Autumn and winter term 2014/15 1M created a song about animal sounds around the world, what interested the learners and staff was the way that animal sounds are interpreted differently  around the world, we asked people around the school and in the community how they would speak the sound of a pig a frog or a cockerel among others…and heres the song inspired by this research:

NOKIA Lumia 610_001239

A pig (poppy) at Hully Hill farm, West Lothian, Scotland



In the October and November 2014 Primary learners of Oak and Sycamore made a soundtrack for two animated films inspired by Roald Dahl’s BFG and created with animator Henry Cruikshank. Heres two songs from the soundtrack of the completed works.

Oaks  “Chicken Man”:


Sycamores “The Teacher’s Dead!”:


The Childrens Charter:

Also this school year, learners from Class Oak and Sycamore wrote and recorded the following song based on the United Nation declaration of rights for the child each class also created their own bill of rights as a group. Heres the song:


The following are  a collection of works from 2013/14:

Here’s a song inspired by the novel “Fantastic Mr Fox” by Roald Dahl, written with Class Willow and Mr Foster and recorded with learners from Willow and Chestnut:

The song below “Charlie Charlie Charlie” was composed in the winter term with Willow, inspired by their reading of the novel “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory“, also by Roald Dahl. Recorded with the vocal talents of Willow and Chestnut who learned the song, having enjoyed reading the book with their teacher Miss Leask.

Next is “Healthy Teeth”, written and recorded with Chestnut as part of their dental hygiene project in the autumn and winter term:

1M wrote and recorded the “The Favourite things song” (below) inspired by a series of artworks created to show the things that make them happy. The learners added an extra section for learning assistants, Miss Mead, Mrs Miller and Oliver so they didn’t feel left out:

Also with 1M we have recorded “A map and a Compass” which Oliver wrote to accompany he Edinburgh Explorer project:

Here is the animation with music created by 1M

In the song writing process ideas are assembled with everyone in the class given the chance to contribute. These ideas are formed into song form and at this stage a tune is created through a selection process where different music styles are explored.

During the recording process learners find out about production techniques used in everything from pop music to film sound effects, including microphone technique, reverb, delay and EQ.

This School year has been particularly productive with a number of projects completed with Primary and S1s. In addition S1s have completed three animation projects with films created using the music and lyrics as inspiration for the images.

Here is  The Leith Walk Pirates. Created with Ms Walters and the learners.

First the learners wrote the story about the pirates and the hamster, then we created a rhyming scheme and a tune was composed. Then the backing track was written, recorded and the song learnt in class. Then all vocal parts were recorded. All the visual parts were created in tandem during a separate art class. Then it was pieced together into the final product which has been entered for a Schools film competition.

1M wrote the following musical story based on a series of adventures embarked upon during the Autumn and winter terms by 1M and Miss Mead.

The process was similar to above though the basis of the tale is in the learners reflections on the experience of discovering skills in map and compass reading, in an eventful walk to Burdiehouse burn.

Then in the geological story of Arthurs seat and it environs, using their new found map skills, and finally a trip to Lauriston Castle and Edinburgh experiencing life in the 19th and early 20th century.

All these elements formed the song then recorded and eventually added to the magnificent animation created to accompany the music with Ms Walters and the art of 1M. Watch it here: The Edinburgh Explorers 

Class Sycamore recording vocals for the  BFG animation project November 2014:


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