Occupational therapists (OTs) can help with a range of issues which impact on a child’s development, in the areas of self-care, leisure and accessing the curriculum. OTs have particular expertise in problem solving for activities of daily life, drawing on their understanding of sensory processing and motor skill development where appropriate. Occupational therapy for the pupils at Kaimes School is provided by NHS Lothian. If OT related issues arise for pupils who are not currently receiving OT, a referral can be made to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children’s Occupational Therapy Department. Teachers, parents or the children themselves can make this request for assistance. Referral forms are available online here, or from the OT at Kaimes.

The pupils are usually seen at school, although this will be discussed first with their parent /carer. Therapy can take place in a number of different ways including individual sessions, group sessions, classroom observations, advice and strategies to education staff or parents. Visits to parents at home can be made if necessary.  As well as working with individual children, the occupational therapist has an important role in training and developing the knowledge and expertise of staff and parents at regular events throughout the year.

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