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Friday 19 June Update and PE with Mr McBride

Further to sharing Transition Pack 2 with families on Wednesday (digitally), these will also be sent home in the mail today as scheduled. The link to this is shared again below for your convenience.

We are working to share individual timetables for senior learners before the summer holidays. This is appropriate because they have chosen certain subjects and would benefit from knowing which choices have been possible and which have not. There will be a small number of learners who will not receive these packs (or the previous packs) due to the highly bespoke nature to their curriculum experience.

Transition Pack 3 will come digitally to families by the Wednesday 5 August. This will be a virtual tour of the school and will illustrate how we will be entering, moving around and learning within our building. Families will receive a text message to make them aware that this pack is available. This will be in place of learners having individual visits before we return and will be available to all families.

Thank you to those who have submitted their End of Term photo or video messages. Could I please have this by the of Monday please. I will share the number again today that these can be sent to. This will be included in my final Headteacher video on Friday 26 June and will hopefully feature both learners and staff.

‘Have your say: Help us get it right for your child at Kaimes’ forms have started to be returned. Thank you. Click on the image below and it will take you straight to the form with no login required. This will remain upon for all of next week as well. If you need some help completing it, your Key Adults are happy to support.

And now its time to finish the week with Primary PE with Mr McBride

Week 5 of Junior PE with Mr McBride – Friday 19 June

Have a lovely weekend

Mr Burge

Wednesday 17 June – Returning to School and Senior Assembly

Please see my video update below. The update today is your Transition Pack 2 for learners coming to or returning to Kaimes School in August. All of the information you have already received and that which is still to come is subject to change should the Scottish Government guidelines change.

To help us tailor the experience that you child receives in August please take some time over the next week and complete the ‘Have your say: Help us get it right for your child at Kaimes School’ form. You can access this by simply clicking on the image below (no password or login necessary!):

To finish off this mornings update, its now time for Mr Scott’s Senior Assembly

Mr Scott’s Senior Assembly – Wednesday 17 June

We look forward to seeing your video messages in our end of term video. Please send these into the Whatsapp or by text message, no later than Monday afternoon.

Thank you

Mr Burge

Monday 15 June

Following the publishing of the letter below which was sent out by Edinburgh Council on Friday, my Headteacher video update will come this Wednesday morning. It will include some of the details of what our return will look like in August beyond what we have already sent home in transition packs.

Further to my Friday update, please be sure to film and send in your end of term video messages by next Monday. This can be by text or WhatsApp and the number will be sent home today to all families; staff videos have already started to arrive! To help motivate you, the adults at Kaimes School wanted to share a little video with you to brighten up what looks like a fairly bleak day outside. Enjoy!

I’m Still Standing – by Kaimes School Staff

And to finish off this morning, lets see whats happening in our Monday Junior Assembly with Miss Watters.

Junior Assembly – Monday 15 June

Have a fantastic week and I look forward to sharing more details about our return in August this Wednesday.

Mr Burge

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