Welcome to Kaimes School

Friday 26 June – End of Term

With sincere regret, I am unable to post the end of term messages. For some reason unknown to me, the transferring of the footage from the editing studio is not operating as normal. I will continue to try and fix this over the coming days and will send out the video via text message, once it is working.

I feel extremely privileged to have been able to lead our school, with the close support of the Senior Leadership Team, over not just the last 12 weeks but the last 14 months. I am proud of what we as a school have managed to do during a period of such uncertainty. Whilst we don’t yet know the detail around what August will look like for our learners and the school experience, I can say that we have all the necessary plans in place to respond to any model.

To our parents and carers I am grateful beyond words for your resilience. It will have been an incredibly challenging few months for many of you and without your support, patience and understanding, we would not have been able to deliver any kind of in-home experience. You have been wonderful. Thank you.

And to our learners; You are brave. You are perfectly unique. You are awesome. We can’t wait to welcome you back into the building in August.

When guidance is provided to headteachers about next term I will send a text message to all families directing you to the relevant information.

Stay safe. Thank you!

Mr Burge

Leavers Assembly

If you haven’t already done so, please take the time to read important updates in the post below the video.

On Friday, we wish farewell, good health and the very best of luck in the future to our amazing Leavers. Whilst we are unable to celebrate their successes in the normal way, Mr Scott has put together a brilliant Leavers assembly with the commitment to having some kind of celebration gathering, here at Kaimes, once the it is possible to do so.

Wednesday 24 June – Headteacher Update

Following the announcement from the Deputy First Minster yesterday: Whilst, for many of you, the relaxation of lockdown will be welcome, I also know that you will be left with uncertainty of what August looks like for you child. As soon as we have information to share we will do so.

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that I will moving to Trinity Academy from 24th August on a Headteacher secondment until Christmas 2020. I am excited about the challenges and opportunities that come with this change but I have, as many of you know, become extremely fond of our school in a very short period of time. The perfect uniqueness of our learners, matched with the empathy and resolve of our staff is something very special. I will have a hand over period when we return in August and Karen Watters will be the Acting Headteacher at Kaimes School whilst the recruitment process takes place in term one.

Our school has made significant improvements in a range of areas including Curriculum, ICT, leadership at all levels and when your child returns they will come back to a more consistent learning and teaching approach from all staff. We are in a strong position even when considering everything we have gone through together over the past 12 weeks. This has only be possible due to the personal and professional actions of our brilliant Kaimes School community.

Our Leavers assembly will be posted separately at 10.30 this morning.

Thank you

Mr Burge

Monday 22 June – Last week of term

With less than 5 days until the end of term, the work to prepare Kaimes School building for our learners continues. We can’t wait to see all of our learners in 7 weeks time.

As shared last week, my video update will come on Friday morning this week along side our ‘End of Term’ video. Today is the last day for videos to be sent in. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far – keep them coming.

We move on to our final Skills focus of the term this week: Creativity and Innovation. The skills grid is provided below as a picture as well as the full Skills Framework document where you will be able to explore the familiar hyper links.

We really look forward to Mr Scott’s Leavers Assembly this week and we finish this Monday update with the last Junior Assembly of the term from Miss Watters.

Miss Watters Junior Assembly – Monday 22 June

Have a fantastic week everyone.

Mr Burge

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