Visit to Blackford Hill

As part of our focus on Health & Wellbeing, G2 have been exploring different ways to support our mental and physical health. We took advantage of the autumn sun and set ourselves the challenge of climbing Blackford Hill. We had a great view from the top and we all felt good getting some exercise and fresh air.

Science in Action

G1 headed out yesterday to Gracemount Mansion to design an insulated nest for a dormouse using natural materials. The group had to think creatively,  work together as a team and use their scientific knowledge to be successful. 

Parent Event

Woodlands School Parent Council invite you to meet with Anne-Marie Donaldson Team Leader, LAC Team and Ronnie Grocock from My Connect


On Thursday 28th February 10.30am-12noon at Craighall Centre, 210 Ferry Road


If your child has additional needs but not a learning disability, so they do not meet transition team criteria, you may want to access support from the LAC team/My Connect.   Woodlands PC have arranged a meeting with the LAC team and My Connect  – Woodlands and other Special Schools and any families with children with ASN are welcome.


The Local Area Co-ordination Team work with individuals from 16-65 with a diagnosed low to moderate learning disability.

They work alongside individuals, parents and carers to develop skills for independence.

Come along to chat to Anne-Marie and Ronnie from My Connect and other parents/carers


No booking/cost involved but if you want more details or to confirm attendance please email


Class Kestrels had an amazing time at the Calvert Trust! Look at all the amazing activities we experienced. Thank you to the KSSA for helping to fund the camp.

Michael’s art gallery

Michael has been making some brilliant models. All models will be available to buy at the Christmas Fair on 14th December. Be quick, only one of each model available!

Primary Camp

Class Kestrels and Eagles had a great time at Calvert Trust in January. Have a look at our video to see all the amazing activities we took part in.

Eagles’ Cloud Experiment

Today Eagles made a very interesting experiment! We created a cloud in a jar!

Eagles learned that you need three things to make clouds-moist, warm air; coolness; and tiny particles in the air that make vapour condense. We used hairspray to provide these particles. How clever was that?

At the end of the experiment, we all agreed it was a super cool one!