Vision, Values and Aims

At Kaimes School we aspire to provide all our learners with access to the highest quality of learning and teaching alongside a mix of evidence based Autism specific approaches in order to maximise their success, independence and encourage achievement in its broadest sense.

Our aim is to help all our learners be the best they can be as independent Successful learners, Confident individuals, Responsible citizens and Effective contributors.

Our Vision

We celebrate and value our unique skills and abilities…We achieve our full potential….We respect ourselves and others.

Our shared vision is to engage our learners with a wide range of high quality learning experiences so they can achieve and attain their very best. We strive to maintain positive outcomes at each transition and embed skills for learning, life and work.

We are committed to supporting the holistic development of the individual child through partnership working with families and our community. We have high ambitions for our young people to reach their full potential and be included and respected in School and society.

Our Autism specific ethos permeates our School Values

  • To encourage communication.
  • To develop social interactions and positive relationships.
  • To support sensory needs.
  • To encourage flexibility in thinking and behaviour.
  • To create a predictable environment to reduce anxiety.

Our School Aims

Successful learners:

  • Deliver a challenging curriculum with a mix of evidence based Autism approaches so each individual reaches their potential.
  • Ensure staff have high expectations of both themselves and of the learners. This is based on sound knowledge of learners’ needs.
  • Ensure that staff are highly trained not only in all aspects of education and its delivery, but also in the strategies and philosophy necessary to teach learners with Autism effectively and successfully.

Confident Individuals:

  • Create a safe, comfortable, caring and stimulating environment where learners feel valued as individuals, are respected and their achievements celebrated.

Responsible Citizens:

  • Encourage active participation in all aspects of the school and the wider community in order to promote engagement in real life experiences and social contexts.

Effective Contributors:

  • Actively involve learners in the learning process so that they can be as independent as possible.
  • Continue to facilitate a positive partnership with parents to ensure key priorities for learning are being targeted.
  • Continue to seek the expertise of other professionals so as to enhance the teaching and learning process for staff and pupils.

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