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Michael’s art gallery

Michael has been making some brilliant models. All models will be available to buy at the Christmas Fair on 14th December. Be quick, only one of each model available!

Eagles’ Cloud Experiment

Today Eagles made a very interesting experiment! We created a cloud in a jar!

Eagles learned that you need three things to make clouds-moist, warm air; coolness; and tiny particles in the air that make vapour condense. We used hairspray to provide these particles. How clever was that?

At the end of the experiment, we all agreed it was a super cool one!

New Play Equipment

Primary Pupil Council have the first play with our new equipment!

Eagles’ Story-sack!

Eagles have been very engaged in our topic: “We love stories”.

Each of us had a chance to share one idea regarding an activity they would really enjoy having and finally we came up with the story-sack idea!

Eagles’ first mission was at Cramond Beach! We had to find nice, flat stones. Are you wondering what we did with them? Well we have a great plan. We made story stones based on our very own story we wrote!! We have then written and illustrated a book, made puppets, games, story stones, flash cards and an Audio CD with our own cover!!! We also all had a chance to play a memory game Eagles had created and, let me tell you, it was lots of fun! Well done everybody!!

These days we are presenting and sharing our work with other classes. We have shared our learning and story sack creation with our Head Teacher, Mr Scott. Ofer, Kinga and Eilidh were very proud of their work and were telling Mr Scott all about our sack’s context. Then Callum, Kinga and Eilidh shared it with Miss Watters and in groups we have been visiting Kaimes Primary and Secondary Classes to present our work. Sharing our work and giving a chance to other peers to use it, it is part of our Me and My World section of JASS Awards, making a contribution to the community.

Eagles class have also been out to the community visiting Calderglen Nursery! The purpose of our visit was to share our ‘Lucy and her friends save the day’ story-sack in order to promote literacy and offer some entertainment to other children.

All Eagles were fantastic in their manners, very friendly and chatty with the younger pupils and very proud to share our story sack!