Welcome to Kaimes School website!



I am happy and proud to introduce you to Kaimes School.

We endeavour to keep our site current in order to give our visitors a glimpse of life at Kaimes School and also enable our School community to keep up to date with news and developments. Check out our latest news and events here

I hope you can take time to view our class blogs and curriculum pages; they give just a flavour of the varied learning opportunities at our school.


Mr Nick Burge
Head Teacher

12 thoughts on “Welcome to Kaimes School website!

  1. Gavin grant

    Hi Rox

    I’m an ex kaimes pupil myself from many years ago . I do admit that I really did love attending this school when I was a young kid a long time ago . The teachers and the previous headmistress Mrs lumgare was a brilliant headmistress with who I had a lot of respect for .

    Yours truly
    Gavin grant

  2. rosmiller

    Hi Grant, Lovely to hear from you. I shall pass on your kind wishes to staff who may know you. So glad you have fond memories of life at Kaimes School:-)

  3. Rickie Chapple

    Hi my name is Rickie Chapple. I spent just over 6 years here at good old Kaimes, YES I liked it here in its own way and got a lot out of my time. I was here as a proud pupil from the age of 5-11 when I left and headed of to boarding school in the nice Lake District which to I liked. When I first began Kaimes we were based in old tin buildings and a wooden hut which to I liked, these buildings had character to them and they were based in Burdy House. This is of course dating back to the 70’s and then we moved to the current building and again I liked it very much. I remember we used to have swimming in the old Gracemount school which of course has now moved to the other side of Kaimes and is a nearly new building. I remember Gavin Grant an old friend who attended the school around the same time as I and he has to a very good opinion of Kaimes. I so vividly remember the summer taxi mans outings when I was here in the primary and again very good outings.

  4. Thomas Millar

    Good morning Mrs Miller, I attended Jaime’s from 1988 to 1992. And attended some classes at Grace mount High school for German. I was wondering how I would stand a visit to the school and see how it has changed?

  5. Josh D'Altilia

    I enjoyed kaimes the most in my 1st and 2nd years but found it stressfull in my 3rd,4th and 5th year but I want to high lite that I did very well in that school due all the qualifications I got for all the topics I studied, Mr Scott had given me a miniature saucer saying thank you to me for positive involvement in the life of kaimes school and I remember Mrs Found, she was lovely and understanding.

  6. Josh D'Altilia

    Plus I bumped into a former class room assistant from kaimes, his name’s Joe Marshall and he told he liked working at kaimes plus he’s a support worker now which’s a good thing cos it shows he’s dedicated to helping people with additional needs and for those of you staff that have work at school for so many years will know who I’m referring to:)

  7. Craig Davidson

    I went to Kaimes back in 73/75 (I think) my teacher was Mrs Anderson, she drove a triumph spitfire. I had a friend Duncan who lived not far away. I lived in Haddington and would get a minibus every day to and froe. I think there was only two or three class blocks plus one or two “prefabs”

    My best wishes to the current crop of students, I hope they know that education is the toolbox for life.

  8. brian finnen

    Hi I enjoyed kaimes school when I was there in the 90s i had Mr Atkinson for science and Mrs Denny for English Miss Ruddock was headteacher and Duncan strathdee was assistant head think went to willowpark as headteacher he was a good man who I had a lot of respect for and then there was miss MacLeod for modern studies great teacher who pushed you to reach the potential she knew you had in you they showed dedication and compassion when needed I hope the values are still the same under the new generation of teachers they had some big boots to fill kind regards from an ex pupil

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