Welcome to Kaimes School.

Enabling learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorder to thrive.

I am happy and proud to introduce you to Kaimes School.

Update – Friday 3rd April

One more sleep until the holidays. So many of you have been working hard at home over the pst two weeks and it’s nearly time to take a break.

We have had some lovely pictures of our learners and their work but many of you have been in touch to ask to see what our staff and see what have they been up to… so I asked them yesterday to send me a picture. Maybe you could tell the adults in your home who these people are. A huge thank you to all the staff who responded to this ‘challenge’ at such short notice.

We now have Outlook and OneNote support videos posted with step by step instructions to help you use Office 365 in our Digital Support Base. This page will be added to as we explore the power of Office365 and other relevant on line tools. This will help us deliver a service to our community that we can all be proud of .

Kaimes School will be on holiday from 12.10pm today. Whilst the physical building will remain closed next term until further notice, we will resume our online learning through the Home Learning Hub on Tuesday 21st April. My daily updates will resume at this time.

I hope to see lots of photos of your holiday activities around your home or when you are out on your walks. These can be sent to admin@kaimes.edin.sch.uk at any time and we will share them next term along with a few photos that have been sent but that haven’t yet been posted.

We are thinking of you all.

Best Wishes from Mr Burge and all of our Kaimes School team.

Update – Thursday 2nd April

We are delighted to say that 98% of learners have been sent log in details to Office 365 via text and email to their parent/carers. As with all new initiatives there are going to be some teething problems. We would normally work with our staff, leaners and families over the space of a year to get us to where we are now but these are extraordinary times and it’s amazing that you have helped us get this far so quickly. After working with a small number of trial families yesterday it is clear that the experience at your end differs from home to home depending on your own IT skills, your child’ s experience of Office 365 and the devices you are using.

Don’t panic – we are here to help as are the other parents/carers and learners who have been through this. Please help us by us to help others in our Kaimes School community by passing on your own knowledge to at least one other family from Kaimes once you have successfully set up your own Office365. We have an able, compassionate and resilient community that have the power to make our digital learning platform accessible to everyone who needs access to it.

We will share some more support videos through text message/email link today and tomorrow to help with this. We have created a Digital Support Base page where we will post all these videos.

Thank you!

Mr Burge

Update – Wednesday 1st April

We have now shared all 35 Office 365 log in details that we have to distribute via email and text to homes. We have had excellent support from the Education Digital Learning Board and we hope to be able to meet our own deadline of Friday for all 101 learners to have Office 365 log in details. I have uploaded a video demonstrating how OneNote can be accessed. This is where new learning resources can be found for our learners. The support video is the first video on the Home Learning Hub page.

Parents and carers that have requested contact from specific teachers through email should have contact from these teachers shortly. Your request has been shared with them and includes your contact details.

Yesterday we posted the transport application and guidance notes on our new Transport page. It’s great to see over 20 visits to this page already. If you have any questions please email admin@kaimes.edin.sch.uk

Mr Burge

Update – Tuesday 31st March

Thank you for your patience and understanding in waiting for the transport forms. Both the forms and guidance notes area available on our new Transport page on the website. If you require hard copies of the form and guidance notes please email admin@kaimes.edin.sch.uk and we will send these out to you. If you are completing hard copies of the form this needs to be returned to:

Mr Nick Burge, St Crispin’ s Special School, 19 Watertoun Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3HZ

Learner Office 365 log in remains a challenge for us but we are moving in the right direction. We now have log in details for just over 34/101 learners and we started to send these out yesterday via text message. Our aim is to make sure everyone has this information by the time the holidays finish; although we are working to try and have this resolved by this Friday. Thanks to Mr Scott and Mr Tierney for helping with this. A video guide showing you how to access OneNote will be posted in tomorrows daily update.

Thanks to our parents and carers who sent in more photos of our amazing #KaimesInAction learners. Keep them coming!!!

Well done everyone.

Mr Burge

Update – Monday 30th March

Good Morning everyone. We have two videos for you today. The first is my weekly update (with a little unexpected guest) and the other is our first online Primary Assembly with Miss Watters.

Monday Assembly with Miss Watters – Monday 30th March

Please send us your updates and questions to admin@kaimes.edin.sch.uk

Mr Burge

Update – Friday 27th March

Now that Friday has arrived, I feel it’s important to look back on what has been a very busy week for us all.

You have accessed our website over 1800 times this week, there has been nearly 300 visits to our Home Learning Hub page and over 50 contacts made by the school in direct support of our children and their families. This is extraordinary and I am so proud and grateful to all of our learners, families and staff for making it happen. Well done!

As promised, here are some photos of #KaimesInAction. I look forward to sharing more images of staff and learners in the weeks to come so that we can see where we are all working and the awesome things we are doing as we acclimatise to this new way of being a school.

We would love to see more so please send any work, activities or images that we can share with everyone. I think one of our learners in 2K had some new puppies so I can’t wait to see the photos. Email: admin@kaimes.edin.sch.uk

I will post a video update on Monday. This will include a Headteacher Challenge. The first one might be a bit of fun for both our learners and their parents/carers…and don’t worry, it does not include exercise!

Mr Burge

Update – Thursday 26th March

Good Morning

I have spoken to many learners, parents and staff over the past few days and I am so grateful for how you are all trying to make this work. I have also been in regular contact with Anna Gray, Special Schools Quality Improvement Manager (my boss). She wants me to pass on her gratitude for your commitment and resilience under such difficult circumstances. Anna knows a lot of our learners and sent me the clip below of ‘The Doctor’ sharing some words of wisdom:

Some useful ideas for us all to consider.

Yesterday I asked you to show us what you have been up to this week and I’m really grateful to Magnus, Josiah and Kazia who sent through some pictures. These will be shared in tomorrows update.

Please keep sending us pictures of your work and other stories that we can share on the website. Please send these to admin@kaimes.edin.sch.uk or Tweet a message on the school twitter account: @KaimesSchool

We hope to be able to send Office365 log in details via text message over the weekend. If this changes, I will let you know.

We have had some technical difficulties with the Home Learning Hub overnight, so it looks slightly different today but it is still full of relevant activities that you can access.

Mr Burge

Update – Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning

We now have over 50 activities posted in our Home Learning Hub (HLH) with at least another 15 being shared today…and we’re not stopping there. A number of the links posted on the HLH open access to thousands of learning activities.

Twinkl is a resource that many of our teachers use and they are offering a months free access to parents and teachers to support young people at home.

Amazon have also announced free access to streaming their stories on audible.

As I said yesterday, our staff would love to hear and see what you have been upto. Thanks to those who have started to share this with us. This can be done by sending pictures to admin@kaimes.edin.sch.uk or message us on twitter @kaimesschool. To get us started I thought I would post a selfie of the Senior Leadership Team meeting.

We are getting used to our new working space.

Mr Burge

Update – Tuesday 24th March

Good Morning

Yesterday will have looked very different from home to home as we all adapt to our new working, learning and living conditions. Whilst it may be challenging, we must stay connected and remain positive about what we can achieve together in this new era.

Please see some reminders and updates below:

Learner Office 365 log in details will hopefully be with you by the end of the week. We are waiting for these to be created by the Digital Learning Team at Edinburgh Council and they have an unprecedented workload currently as we all move to working remotely. I will keep you posted.

The Home Learning Hub (HLH) is really starting to take shape with a range of different activities available to our learners and their family. This will continue to grow over the rest of the week so check in regularly to see what’s new.

If you have questions or concerns, please email the school: admin@kaimes.edin.sch.uk

We would love to see the activities and work you are doing at home. Please take photos and send them to admin@kaimes.edin.sch.uk. We would really like to see what you have all been doing.

Mr Burge

Update – Monday 23rd March

A message from Mr Burge, Headteacher.

Monday 23rd March – Key messages
1. Week one priority for our school is making sure we stay connected. A text message will be sent to parents/carers later today to make sure you have the technology you need to access our Home Learning Hub.
2. If you receive a text message, you CAN reply if you wish. Please make sure you state clearly who you are and we will be back in touch.
3. Learning activities can be found on the Home Learning Hub Page . This includes buttons through which you can connect with Sumdog and Education City.
3. All general enquires or requests should be emailed to admin@kaimes.edin.sch.uk
4. We must make sure we follow the advice on social distancing

We are all thinking of you. Please look after yourself and come back again tomorrow to see a new daily update.

Mr Burge

Updated – Friday 20th March

Kaimes School is now closed until further notice in response to the Coronavirus. Following the correspondence that I sent home yesterday please see a letter from City of Edinburgh Council.

We continue to developing a new section on our website: Home Learning Hub. This can be found in the main menu above. We will be building this section over the coming weeks with learning activities that can be accessed at home at any time. This includes log in links to Office365, Education City and Sumdog.

Coronavirus Social Story – Kaimes School is closed (from Friday afternoon)

We have included a Kaimes is closed social story in your home learning packs today. Please also find it below. Feel free to use it at home.

We appreciate that this is a period of uncertainty and challenge for many of our leaners and we are committed to getting it right for them as well as supporting our families as much as possible.

Mr Nick Burge
Head Teacher