Welcome to Kaimes School.

By Chloe Miller, S1

Enabling learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorder to thrive.

I am happy and proud to introduce you to Kaimes School.

Wednesday 5 August – Returning to Kaimes School

This is a day that I have been looking forward to for many months – the plans to have all of our learners returning to school. Further to Alistair Gaw’s letter that you will have received earlier today, we have put in place a phased return form Wednesday 12th August. The letter is below for reference:

Please see an update video and supporting document with the details of our return to Kaimes School below:

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  1. Josh D'Altilia

    Plus I bumped into a former class room assistant from kaimes, his name’s Joe Marshall and he told he liked working at kaimes plus he’s a support worker now which’s a good thing cos it shows he’s dedicated to helping people with additional needs and for those of you staff that have work at school for so many years will know who I’m referring to:)

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